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    Front Matter
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Morales, Bryan; López, Cristóbal; Garza, Catarina; Vasquez, Veronica; Chavez, Cindy
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    A Pilot Study Examining Ceramic Paste Fabrics at the Ancient Maya Site of Hun Tun in Northwestern Belize
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) DeMario, Jeffrey
    This article is a pilot study applying a petrographic analysis to ceramic body sherds from the ancient Maya site of Hun Tun, a hinterland site in northwestern Belize. The goal is to understand if there are multiple producer groups at the site, and determine what, if any, trade, and exchange are taking place at the site. The study revealed two distinct paste fabrics, being the Sand-Carbonate, and Carbonate fabrics. The Sand-Carbonate fabric is distinguished by well-sorted and rounded to well-rounded sand sized calcite grains, while the Carbonate fabric is distinguished by poor sorting, angular calcite grains, and large amounts of voids. The results of the study show the validity of the method at a small site, while also serving as the basis for future research.
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    Panoramas and Personas: Setting and Subject in Rania Matar’s Photographic Works
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Walker, Hannah
    In this research paper, I have investigated photographer Rania Matar’s usage of the physical landscape, natural and/or artificial, in combination with the physical bodies of her subjects, to create dialogue with the viewer concerning circumstances of identity, social pressures, and culture. Matar’s work imparts a unique approach to commentary on issues that are important to her and her subjects; said commentary is achieved through the skillful merging of person and place to form the desired narrative, and the method of delivery to the audience (photography as medium) solidifies her approach’s success. Here I provide an introduction to the artist, as well as to specific influential historical/contemporary contexts, and examine six images from published collections to illustrate the effect of Matar’s merging of the outside world and the inner world within her photographs.
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    Monstrous: The Grotesque, Abject, and Monstrous in “The Husband Stitch"
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Fisher, Samantha
    This literary analysis of Carmen Maria Machado’s “The Husband Stitch” reinterprets women who exist outside patriarchal prescripts. The bildungsroman narrative follows an unnamed woman who struggles with the slow decline of her autonomy, which includes her husband and her obstetrician mutilating her vagina with the eponymous husband stitch. The Narrator presents her unreliability and evasiveness through a metanarrative cast of voices that identifies males as evolving beings while women remain in stasis. Machado describes the Narrator’s sexuality with grotesque and abject terms, separating her from the patriarch’s preferred sexual and domestic compliances. To this end, I align the Narrator with Medusa through secondary research, marking her as an archetypal monster through her overt sexuality, pregnancy, and green ribbon. My interpretation ends in the finale as, like Medusa, the Narrator’s husband beheads her, resulting in the satirical conclusion that the perfect patriarchal woman dies as soon as she is created.
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    African Identity and the African Diaspora: The Genetic Impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Beckelheimer, Teresa
    Africans enslaved during the transatlantic slave trade not only lost their families, their friends, their homes, they also lost their identity. Forced onto ships in tight quarters, these men and women of Africa were stripped of their clothes, their belongings, and their existence as Africans and taken to a foreign land and sold as slaves. They were forced to create a new identity in a new world, shaping their new lives through a collective memory of all that they lost. This article looks at the way DNA is helping the descendants of enslaved Africans reconnect to a lost past and contribute to the African Diaspora.
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    Technological Reshaping of Traditional Museum Roles: Digitization and the Emergence of Virtual Museums in the Age of COVID-19
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Irizarry, Miranda
    Museums constantly conduct research to learn how they can become more efficient educators and increase engagement with their visitors. These institutions have adapted and many have created ways in which visitors can use technology to make their experience more interactive. Over the past few decades, museum professionals have been digitizing their collections and a roaring debate over the creation of digital museums has ensued. Completely digital museums have very recently emerged, completely changing the way the public interacts with these institutions. This paper will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected museums, the creation of completely digital museums and the debates concerning the role of technology in these institutions and the increased role of technology within them.
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    La educación en la comunidad hispana durante el COVID-19
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Juárez, Ana María; Mejía-Vázquez, Yedid
    En este trabajo se exponen datos cualitativos sobre la educación en la comunidad hispana en San Antonio, Texas durante el COVID-19. El enfoque se entorna en las experiencias vividas de los profesores y alumnos durante la educación virtual a través del texto y el contexto de las conversaciones que se dieron en las historias orales. Las historias orales proporcionaron un discurso que se pudo analizar a través del análisis del discurso. Dicho estudio del discurso dejo ver las fallas que existen en la educación virtual durante la pandemia. Estas fallas en la educación virtual causaron que el rendimiento académico bajara. Además, se descubrió que tanto profesor como alumnos prefieren la educación presencial porque es el mejor método para la colaboración y conexión social, emocional y académica de profesores y estudiantes.
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    Revolutionary Lexicon: A Pragmatics Study and Discourse Analysis of Two Riot Grrrl Manifestos
    (University of Texas at San Antonio, College of Liberal and Fine Arts, 2021) Zamora, Layla
    Although the United States public and mainstream media scrutinized and oversimplified the music and iconography of the Riot Grrrl movement, there is much to be desired concerning linguistics analyses of two notable Riot Grrrl manifestos. Do the two noteworthy Riot grrrl manifestos contain distinct linguistic features? If so, how do their linguistic features function to characterize the exceptional revolutionary lexicon of the Riot Grrrl movement? This paper will discuss concepts concerning manifestos, what makes feminist manifestos distinct, and introduce the two Riot grrrl manifestos my research concerns. I will present the broad premise of the Riot Grrrl movement and provide a general overview of the third-wave feminist movement to provide more context. This paper proposes to enrich academic research by contributing a two-fold linguistic analysis of two Riot grrrl manifestos to support the research of students and academics interested in linguistics and other subjects that may benefit from this research.