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The Art of The Picturebook was created as part of a cross-college Teaching & Learning Reimagined initiative at UTSA in the Spring of 2022. Students were challenged to think about definitions of art, the facilitation of difficult conversations, multimodal content creation, and opportunities to explore and reflect culture. They worked in groups to write, edit, illustrate, and design digital picturebooks, telling stories relevant for themselves and for the San Antonio Community. Working with faculty across English, Communication, Art, Art History, and Library disciplines, students engaged in experiential learning to create e-books that are meaningful and accessible, exploring a variety of themes such as identity, family relationships and dynamics, and personal growth and transformation.


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    My ‘Hair’itage
    (2022-05-09) McKinney, Garland
    It is a girl’s first day at her new school, and she is challenged to fit in because of her unique appearance.
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    Love Grows
    (2022-05-10) Harris, Sunny
    A caterpillar going through changes asks her mother a series of questions about life, love, and growing up. Her mother answers with bedtime stories like anecdotes that deal with race, gender, and sexuality both as personal identity and within the scope of relationships. The anecdotal responses feature a cast of flora and fauna, including cats, owls, and flowers, depicted through watercolor-like digital illustrations.
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    Pluto and Juno
    (2022-01-27) Wang, Makayla
    The story explores two identical siblings who are unable to be set apart from one another and can be relational to children who are experiencing a sense of neglect within their upbringing. Thus, encouraging readers to perceiver and find connections to family/ friends who will see them for who they are.
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    Riding with Abuelita
    (2022-05-10) Gorham, Charles
    After failing to ride his bike, Eddie visits his grandma who encourages him to try again through stories of her life adventures.
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    Finding Our Hue
    (2022-05-10) Gill, Abrianna
    Blue is faced with a choice: Follow their dreams and let down their parents, or follow their parents’ wishes and let down themselves. When different colors meet, will they collide, or mix to create a new hue?
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    A Knead to Belong
    (2022-05-10) Zavaletta, Cat
    Batches of freshly, baked pastries come out of the oven. Many of the same. But, there is one that stands out amongst the rest. Will they ever find where their place?
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    Flowing Back to Me
    (2022-05-10) Poole, Nicole
    A poetic picture book which details the journey of losing one’s inner child and the path back to recovery.
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    Rudy's Gift
    (2022-05-07) Tomlinson, Noah
    Rudy finds adventure while pursuing for the perfect gift.