Understanding Security Threats in Cloud-Based Shadow It Work-from-Home Applications Using the General Strain Theory Lens




Akello, Patricia

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The rapid rise of remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a rise in the reliance on cloud computing for sharing data between secure office networks and un-secure remote networks. This greatly increases the impact and importance of answering critical questions regarding the blurring boundaries between work and non-work and any related the cyber security risks. This individual-level survey design study aims to examine one of such risks, known as Shadow IT, a non-malicious insider-related data security threat whose acceleration is partly due to the power of the cloud. This research seeks to understand the acceleration of Shadow IT proliferation in the remote work setting by looking into the factors that influence adoption against the backdrop of COVID-Strains. Specifically, the research's aim is to understand the moderating effects of strain, along with other individual level variables on deviance (the volitional non malicious use of shadow IT in remote workplaces in violation of injunctive IT/ security norms).This research's contributions are in the areas of information security, threat intelligence and management in the remote workplace, remote work security, insider threats, and shadow it and security compliance.


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Information Security, Insider Threat, Non Malicious End User Violations, Remote workplace Threat Awareness, Remote workplace Threat Intelligence, Shadow IT



Information Systems and Cyber Security