Policy recommendations to address the current state of youth homelessness in San Antonio

Flores, Kristin
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This thesis concentrates on homeless youth, between the ages of 18--24, who have experienced homelessness in San Antonio. The City of San Antonio is used as a case study to explore how urban planning and public policy can be used to better serve homeless youth. Data from the Homeless Management Information System are used to better understand the current state of youth homelessness in San Antonio. Descriptive statistics about the population of homeless youth show that most homeless youth in San Antonio are female, do not have a high school degree, are not employed, and voluntarily leave homeless shelters for temporary shelters. Along with the provision of permanent housing a centralized agency should coordinate services to address the various needs of homeless youth. In addition, data collection about homeless youth should include a wider array of data elements to ensure an accurate and inclusive picture of homeless youth. Ensuring youth have a safe; clean place to thrive should be the goal of urban planners and city officials throughout the country.

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Urban and Regional Planning