Distributed Cooperative Guidance in Multi-Missile of Multi-Target Cyber-Physical Systems with Time Delay




Abdelmawgoud, Ahmed

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This research presents a distributed, guidance and control algorithms for a group of missiles with limited communication and computation capabilities. Widely studied consensus algorithms for processing sensor data of multi-missile systems is considered. The significant performance improvement in using the benefits of a communication link and data sharing is demonstrated. Three different algorithms to reach a consensus given time delay constraints are proposed. A distinctive feature of these algorithms is to address the problem of consensus under time delay using both fixed and switching network topologies. The primary goal of this research is to improve the accuracy of the predict intercept point (PIP) estimation. All algorithm performance was evaluated in a scenario where a group of missiles is measuring and estimating the location of single or multiple targets. Each missile computes its state prediction and shares it with its neighbors only. However, the shared information arrives at each missile with time randomly changed delay. The entire group of missiles must reach a consensus on the target's state. An optimal solution to the Weapon to Target Assignment (WTA) problem under time delay is proposed. Several scenarios were also developed to examine the effectiveness and performance in terms of overall estimation error, disagreement between delayed and non-delayed missiles, and time to reach a consensus for each parameter that might affect the robustness of each algorithm.


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Abdelmawgoud, COOPERATIVE GUIDANCE, distributed estimation, estimation, MULTI-MISSILE, TIME DELAY



Electrical and Computer Engineering