Examining the Role of Quality of Institutionalized Healthcare on Maternal Mortality in the Dominican Republic




De Jesus, Maria
Sullivan, Nora
Hopman, William
Martinez, Alex
Glenn, Paul David
Msopa, Saviour
Milligan, Brooke
Doney, Noah
Howell, William
Sellers, Kimberly

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The main study objective was to determine the extent to which the quality of institutionalized healthcare, sociodemographic factors of obstetric patients, and institutional factors affect maternal mortality in the Dominican Republic. COM-Poisson distribution and the Pearson correlation coefficient were used to determine the relationship of predictor factors (i.e., hospital bed rate, vaginal birth rate, teenage mother birth rate, single mother birth rate, unemployment rate, infant mortality rate, and sex of child rate) in influencing maternal mortality rate. The factors hospital bed rate, teenage mother birth rate, and unemployment rate were not correlated with maternal mortality. Maternal mortality increased as vaginal birth rates and infant death rates increased whereas it decreased as single mother birth rates increased. Further research to explore alternate response variables, such as maternal near-misses or severe maternal morbidity is warranted. Additionally, the link found between infant death and maternal mortality presents an opportunity for collaboration among medical specialists to develop multi-faceted solutions to combat adverse maternal and infant health outcomes in the DR.



reproductive health, Dominican Republic, maternal mortality


International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20 (14): 6413 (2023)


Data Science