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    CenTex FIRST Tech Challenge Conference 2023 Digest
    The CenTex FTC Conference, held at the University of Texas at San Antonio on August 19, 2023, was a vibrant gathering focused on igniting interest in robotics among high school students in central Texas. The conference was organized by the FTC team 16458, TechnoWizards, and centered on the innovative application of the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) program to inspire and engage young minds. Eight FTC teams hailing from Austin, University, San Antonio, and Laredo showcased their experiences and insights gained from participating in the 2022-2023 Power Play competition. Through a series of 14 presentations, attendees gained valuable knowledge and perspectives on robotics, enhancing their understanding and enthusiasm for STEM education.
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    Data Analysis of QMS Data During UN Oxidation
    (2021-07-30) Williams, Brandon L.
    QMS data was obtained of the oxidation of uranium mononitride (UN) in 31.7% steam at high temperatures. The data was treated to account for instrument noise and obfuscated signals due to ions sharing the same signal. The ramp data from this experiment suggests that ammonia is a primary product of UN oxidation and that hydrogen and nitrogen are partially produced as ammonia decomposes.