Predicting Market Penetration and Analyzing Infrastructural Modifications for Autonomous Vehicles




Viyaluru Harinath, Pradeep

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In the United States, vehicles have been growing at a tremendous rate, at this growth there are heavy congestions, longer delays etc. Autonomous vehicles that have the capability to drive on its own and can be a revolutionary idea that can enhance value of travel time. Therefore, tremendous amount of research is being carried out to determine the potential of autonomous technology in mobility. In this aspect, current study thrives to understand the influential factors that can impact AV adoption. Henceforth, an existing model was further improvised to predict the level 3 autonomous vehicle. Further an expert opinion study has been performed to determine necessary infrastructural modifications that may have to take place to support the deployment of AVs. Finally, results from the analysis is summarized and conclusions were developed.


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Autonomous Vehicles, Challenges and modifications, Expert study, Infrastructure, Market Penetration, System dynamics modeling



Civil and Environmental Engineering