A Narrative Inquiry of Factors that Influence Military Parents when They Choose Between On-Base Public Schools and Off-Base Public Schools During a Relocation for Their Child with Special Needs




Sultan, Saleha

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The purpose of this narrative inquiry is to examine factors that influence military parents when they choose between on-base public schools and off-base public schools during a relocation for their child with special needs. According to the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA, 2015) there are approximately 650,000 military dependent children facing various challenges that may impact their schooling in the United States. The Office of the Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force (2018) state that many military families mention education issues for their children as a major drawback to military service. Military-connected students with special needs require special attention as they may be at risk of losing continuity of academic support, including changes in special education services as they transition from one school to another. The men and women in our armed forces – as well as their families and loved ones – disproportionately make sacrifices for their country. For those of us engaged in K-12 education, it is imperative to ask timely and relevant questions that are not only of practical importance to military parents of children with special needs but also informative to federal and state policymakers whose decisions affect policies and practices that impact these families.


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Children with Special Needs, EFMP, Military Mobility, Military parents, SLO, Support & Services, On-base public schools



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies