Chuy Visits the Market: Using a Coloring Book to Reduce Rates of Type II Diabetes among Latinx Children




Rodriguez, Adriana Gabriela

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This pilot study assesses the feasibility of using an original culturally-tailored coloring book, entitled Chuy Visits the Market, to teach Latinx children about healthy eating behaviors. The book features a talking Chihuahua named Chuy as the protagonist, and was developed with Social Cognitive Theory and the Theory of Planned Behavior in mind, to teach children about healthy foods and dietary choices. Participants were 20 Latinx children in South Texas between the ages of 5 and 11 years old, who completed the coloring book and were interviewed about their experience and perceptions. Interview responses were analyzed using Braun and Clarke's (2006) six-phase guide to thematic analysis. Participants' experiences with and perceptions of the coloring book were represented by seven overarching themes and eight subthemes. Themes and subthemes encompassed: learning the importance of healthy food choices; learning characteristics of healthy food including their food groups and colors; enjoying coloring and book activities; positive perceptions of Chuy as likable, having admirable traits, and sharing similarities with participants; and intention to eat more healthy food after completing the coloring book. Results support the use of Chuy Visits the Market as an effective and enjoyable tool to teach Latinx children about healthy eating, with the ultimate goal of helping to combat the disproportionate rates of type II diabetes among Latinx youth.


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Fruits, Eating behavior, Books, COVID-19, Obesity, Hispanic American studies, Nutrition, Health Communication, Health Education, Health Intervention, Hispanic children, Latino children, Latino Health