A Play of Light and Shadow




Broyles, Michael
Gonzalez, Victoria

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Through the act of self-reflection performed throughout these moments of isolation we may still find the opportunity for positivity and hopeful possibility. This project will seek to exemplify these struggles within the darkness of isolation through the exploration of light as an artifact of hope. Through the construction and materiality of the performance space light will be incorporated to shape and control the darkness. These shadow spaces are thus acknowledged and allowed to play an active role as a performer, yet remain in the perifory and not allowed to dominate the lit segments of the space. Though the space may be intersperced with darkness and shadow, the light is where the performance occurs and will become the dominant and controlling element. In this sense the space will exemplify that hope will overcome the darkest moments.The entry corridors serve as spatious caverns interrupted by lightwells randomly spaced along its course. As the upper and lower corridor intersect a shaft of light divides the darkness on the lower level to mirror the physical separation above. Arriving in the performance hall the space can be naturally and artificially lit to achieve an appropriate atmosphere to complement the emotion being conveyed throughout the performances.


This item was created by a UTSA undergraduate student during the Fall 2020 semester as a part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary project designed to gather, create and preserve the UTSA stories of the present for future study.


pandemic, isolation, light, shadow, optimism, undergraduate student works