Characterization of modified binder using two co-polymers and its performance in asphalt mixes

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dc.description.abstractBinder is modified by several additives in order to improve its' rheological properties as well as its' performance in asphalt mix. In this study, the used base binder is PG70-22 and this binder is modified by mixing with two co-polymers provided by Dynasol: Solprene-1205® (S1205) which is Solution Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SSBR) and Calprene-6120® (CH6120) which is Solution Ethylene-Butylene/Styrene (SEBS). The objective of this study is to characterize the rheological properties of modified and unmodified binders by temperature sweep test in aged and unaged condition. After that, the performance of asphalt mixes with base binder and modified binders are characterized by Dynamic Modulus Test for stiffness, Indirect Tensile Failure Test and Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test for moisture damage, Beam Fatigue Test for fatigue properties and Flow Number Test for rutting performance. Finally, it is found that the asphalt mixes with modified binders are better in resisting moisture induced damage, less stripping susceptibility, better rutting resistance but weak in fatigue resistance compared to control mix.
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dc.titleCharacterization of modified binder using two co-polymers and its performance in asphalt mixes
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