An archaeological and historical survey of Walnut Creek, Seguin, Texas

Ivey, James E.
Assad, Cristi
Roemer, Erwin
Eaton, Jack D.
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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio

During March 1977, the Center for Archaeological Research conducted archaeological and historical surveys of Walnut Creek at Seguin, Texas. The surveys were performed under contract with Hallenberger, Galindo and Associates, Consulting Engineers. This engineering firm, in turn, has been contracted by the U.S. Corps of Engineers to do a study of proposed flood control developments along Walnut Creek in anticipation of the projected 50-year flood cycle. The archaeological and historical surveys of Walnut Creek Were part ofa larger study to assess the environmental impact of the area by the proposed flood control developments. This report, which describes the surveys made along Walnut Creek, is presented in two parts: Part I deals with the historical survey and is written by James E. Ivey; Part II covers the archaeological survey done by Cristi Assad and Erwin Roemer. The results of these surveys and suggested recommendations are presented herein.

archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, Guadalupe County