An archival and archaeological survey for the relocation of three historic homes in Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, Texas




Johnson, Edgar D.
Cox, I. Waynne

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


The Center for Archaeological Research contracted with Kell Muñoz Wigodsky, Inc., to undertake an archival study of Hemisfair Park. Three historic standing structures will be moved to three vacant lots in the park. Archival research demonstrated that two of the three structures - the Wietzel and Amaya houses - were the first buildings on the lots, while the third structure - the O. K. Bar - was in place by 1896 and was the first substantial structure on the lot. The Wietzel and Amaya houses will be moved to lots that have never had buildings. The O. K. Bar will be moved to a lot that has had two structures. The earlier structure on this lot was destroyed by enlarging South Alamo Street, and the later structure was built between 1896 and 1904. It is unlikely that moving the structures will have an adverse effect on significant archaeological resources. However, the moves should be monitored to insure significant archaeological resources are not disturbed.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, excavations, historic buildings, dwellings, Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, Bexar County