A Celebration of Military Music in Military City, USA




Samuel, Joseph Victor

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This recital document summarizes and expands upon the information provided in the lecture portion of my graduate lecture-recital, presented on November 20th, 2019, in a concert billed as "A Celebration of Military Music in Military City, USA!" The first chapter contains a historical summary of the purpose of music in the military with an emphasis on the role of music in the U.S. Army since World War I to the current time. The second chapter will focus on Alfred Reed's military service and the circumstances surrounding the composition of Russian Christmas Music. The third chapter will explore the life of John Barnes Chance, the composition of Variations on a Korean Folksong, and the many similarities between his military service and my own. The fourth chapter will focus on the heritage of the 191st Army Band and the composition of my original work, Dublin's Sword, which I composed for that band. The final chapter provides my reflections as a military musician on the continuing importance of music as a significant element in the mission of the U.S. Army.


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Composition, Conducting, Korea, Military, Music