An Innovative Polymeric Platform for Controlled and Localized Drug Delivery




Elbjorn, Monica
Provencio, Jacob
Phillips, Paige
Sainz, Javier
Harrison, Noah
Di Rocco, David
Jaramillo, Ada
Jain, Priya
Lozano, Alejandro
Hood, R. Lyle

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Precision medicine aims to optimize pharmacological treatments by considering patients' genetic, phenotypic, and environmental factors, enabling dosages personalized to the individual. To address challenges associated with oral and injectable administration approaches, implantable drug delivery systems have been developed. These systems overcome issues like patient adherence, bioavailability, and first-pass metabolism. Utilizing new combinations of biodegradable polymers, the proposed solution, a Polymeric Controlled Release System (PCRS), allows minimally invasive placement and controlled drug administration over several weeks. This study's objective was to show that the PCRS exhibits a linear biphasic controlled release profile, which would indicate potential as an effective treatment vehicle for cervical malignancies. An injection mold technique was developed for batch manufacturing of devices, and in vitro experiments demonstrated that the device's geometry and surface area could be varied to achieve various drug release profiles. This study's results motivate additional development of the PCRS to treat cervical cancer, as well as other malignancies, such as lung, testicular, and ovarian cancers.



polymeric drug delivery, targeted drug delivery system, polycaprolactone, poly-lactic acid, rhodamine B, polymer casting, cervical cancer


Pharmaceutics 15 (7): 1795 (2023)


Mechanical Engineering