A Case Study: Understanding the Experiences of School Leaders Who Utilize the Arts Integration School Model




Vela, Lindsey

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The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences of the school leaders who chose to open and lead an arts integrated school model, at The Gathering Place. The research question that guided this study was: How do the founders at The Gathering Place, describe their experiences in opening and leading an arts integrated school model for young students? Sub-questions sought to discover the motivations, barriers, and factors that facilitated progress while opening and leading their arts integration school model. This study applied the Theoretical Domains Framework as a lens through which to examine the data. A case study approach was used as the research method to examine the experiences of the school leaders within this innovative school that specializes in arts integration, through interviews and artifact analysis. I found that while there are barriers to opening and leading an arts integrated campus, the factors that facilitated progress and the motivations, together drove these school leaders to persevere and create this opportunity for young children. This study illustrates how individuals who are grounded in their beliefs can develop an arts integrated school model for kids. Findings from this study can be used to understand the lived experiences of school leaders who open new arts integrated campuses and learn from their stories in order to offer similar educational experiences in other communities.


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arts based research, arts integration, case study, innovation, new school, Theoretical Domains Framework



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies