Time-Dependent Characterization of BIGH3-Mediated MG63 Apoptosis




Stevens, Ryan

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Apoptosis is a phenomenon that has been studied thoroughly in terms of cancer research. One focus of apoptosis research has been how ligands can induce apoptosis and how much of an effect can be observed. BIGH3 is one such ligand that is produced and secreted by a multitude of cell types, including smooth muscles cells. Previous studies have shown that BIGH3 is capable of inducing apoptosis is cells, however the amount of observed apoptosis is relatively low. The goal of this study was to verify BIGH3 production, then collect BIGH3 from smooth muscle cell conditioned media. Next, MG63 osteosarcoma cells were treated with smooth muscle cell conditioned media to determine if apoptosis was induced. Finally, a time dependent treatment experiment was performed to see if an increase in BIGH3 exposure would also increase the amount of observed apoptosis.


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apoptosis, BIGH3, MG63, TGFB



Integrative Biology