The First Rule of White Club: Only Talk About White Club the Weaponization of Curriculum Against Secondary ELAR Teachers in Texas




Blankenship, John Miles

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The purpose of this mixed methods study was to explore the process of weaponizing curriculum against secondary English Language arts and Reading teachers in Texas. Crucial to this understanding is identifying the relationship between White Rage (Anderson, 2016) and Critical Race Theory. While Texas politicians and special interest groups make the claim that CRT is damaging public education in Texas, these groups weaponize the tenets of CRT in order to produce a White Rage (Anderson, 2016) response to motivate voters to prevent CRT in public schools. Specifically, the second tenet of CRT, which is a challenge to the dominant ideology within a society, is used to elicit a White Rage (Anderson, 2016) reaction. Through an analysis of this challenge to the dominant ideology, an understanding of how conservatives in Texas weaponize curriculum against secondary ELAR educators in Texas to maintain their ideology.


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Weaponize curriculum, Secondary ELAR educators, White Rage, Critical Race Theory



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies