Optimal Coordination of Power Distribution Networks with Building Operations and Pump Scheduling in Water Distribution Systems




Ayyagari, Krishna Sandeep

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Modern power distribution networks (PDNs) are gradually moving forward with new technologies such as control, communication, and metering to promote the concept of Smart Grids. Driven by initiatives such as US DOE Smart Grids, future distribution systems will facilitate the increased adoption of variable renewable generation, such as photovoltaic (PV) installations and wind turbines, as well as the integration of other critical infrastructures like building and water utilities. In such a setting, integrated control and optimization of such infrastructures would enhance optimal and secure operation, and reap socio-economic and environmental benefits. To this end, the majority of this dissertation aims to provide an optimization framework to coordinate power distribution networks with building operations and pump scheduling in water distribution networks.


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building operations, data-driven methods, machine learning, optimization, power distribution, water distribution



Electrical and Computer Engineering