Master of Music with an Emphasis in Choral Conducting: Recital Document




Specht, Andrew

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The purpose of this document is to explore several topics regarding the music of several different periods. The recital program consists of Palestrina's Missa Brevis, Billings' "The Dying Christian To His Soul" and "The Dying Christian's Last Farewell," Mendelssohn's "Hear My Prayer," Rossini's "I Gondolieri," and Caldwell and Ivory's "John the Revelator." Each chapter of this document will explore elements of the music that are applicable in an authentic performance of each work. Chapter 1 addresses some issues of performance practice in the execution of Renaissance choral music. Chapter 2 discusses Billings' role as a singing master as well as the pedagogical approaches used in his singing schools. Chapter 3 explores the methods used in the setting of text to music and also makes a comparison between other well known English composers attributed with excellence in text setting. Chapter 4 gives a biography of Rossini's life and discusses his output in the salon music genre. Chapter 5 provides a history of gospel music in America and also discusses performance practice issues associated with the genre.


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