Un pie en dos lados: the life histories of Latina/o teachers fusing social and professional roles




Santillán, Lisa Lorraine

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This qualitative study explores the life histories and cultural resources or "funds of knowledge" (Moll, et al, 1992) that Latina/o teachers possess and looks at their past experiences to illustrate how they use these assets and other forms of social and cultural capital, or "community of cultural wealth" (Yosso, 2006), to astutely navigate within the contradictory realms of the school system. A sociocultural framework (Vygotsky, 1986) guides this study to observe how Latina/o teachers' linguistic and cultural experiences and life histories affect their teaching pedagogy, practices, and strategies. The prior lived experiences these Latina/o teachers have had directly impact their social and professional roles. As such, these teachers serve as transmitters of knowledge and utilize their own personal narratives, cultural, social and linguistic experiences to not only inform their teaching styles but also create successful learning environments.


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cross linguistic and cross cultural, culturally-linguistically diverse, funds of knowledge, Latina/o teachers, social and professional roles, sociocultural



Bicultural-Bilingual Studies