Details in Human Rights Tweets: The Effect of People, Places and Human Rights Events on Engagement Metrics in OHCHR Tweets




Shirani, Hassan Benjamin

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This project attempted to determine if the United Nations Human Rights Office could increase its social media engagement, accountability, legitimacy and ability to enforce human rights norms by including news-like details in its Tweets. Specifically, this project tested for a correlation between the number of people, places and human rights events in OHCHR Tweets and the number of retweets they receive. This project employed a quantitative approach using a series of bi-variate linear regression models to test for a relationship between number of details and retweets. All of the hypotheses were negated. Instead the regressions revealed a negative relationship between number of details and number of retweets.


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content, engagement, human rights, retweets, social media, Twitter



Political Science and Geography