Alternatively Certified (AC) Teachers' Perceptions and Understanding of Authentic Relationships




Perez, Bryan James Paul

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Education as an institution has evolved from a private entity for the select few to a widespread social service provided to all. This has resulted in dramatic increases in enrollment and additional increases due to immigrants seeking opportunities, starting with schooling, in the United States. The combination of increased enrollment, fewer people enrolling in institutions of higher education to pursue careers in teaching, and an aging of the workforce has led to dramatic teacher shortages nationwide.

Alternative certification (AC) programs were designed to fill this void; first addressing areas of high needs, often related to STEM-related courses. However, as the number of teachers needed to be increased, AC programs adapted to the times which allowed more diverse people to enter the profession in these non-traditional pathways. Yet supplying willing staff is only part of the educational equation; students comprise the other portion.

As educators, we need to meet the students where they are when they come to school. Often times this means we are servicing students who have been impacted by adverse childhood experiences. The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of alternatively certified teachers’ perceptions of being prepared to meet the social-emotional needs of potentially at-risk students. This qualitative study analyzed the lived experiences of four AC teachers employed in rural South Texas to gain insight into their induction process, and how they perceived their level of preparation and understanding in practices to support the social-emotional growth of their students.


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Alternatively Certified, Authentic Relationships, Ethic of Care, Rural, Social-Emotional Learning



Educational Leadership and Policy Studies