Preludes, Fugues, and Magnificats Through Time




Pratt-Reichert, Audrey Nichole

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The following document explores the biographical, socio-cultural, and historical aspects of repertoire in the author’s graduate organ recital, including an analysis of each piece. Pedagogical in nature, this project’s objective is to increase readers’ familiarity with the recital repertoire and help them gain perspective on historically-informed performance practices and techniques as they relate to each piece. The performance repertoire includes: J.S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in B minor BWV 544, Louis-Nicolas Clérambault’s Livre d’Orgue Suite du deuxième ton, Felix Mendelssohn’s Prelude and Fugue in G major No. 2, and Marcel Dupré’s Magnificat opus 18, nos 10, 13 , and 15. These preludes, fugues, and Magnificats offer insights into the development of composition techniques in different musical eras. The following material is divided into six chapters: two serving as an introduction to the Magnificat and prelude and fugue, and each of the remaining chapters highlighting one of the four composers and their pieces.


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Clérambault, Louis-Nicolas, Dupré, Marcel, Fugue, Magnificat, Organ, Prelude