Posmodernidad en la poesía tamaulipeca del siglo XXI: Cristina Rivera Garza, Gloria Gómez Guzmán y Gastón Alejandro Martínez




Said White, Erika

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In the 21st century, poetry is not only a personal expression reflecting the way in which each poet perceives the world, but rather it is an artistic medium that is heavily influenced by social and political factors. The political factors that shape poetry affect each individual differently, yet these factors are simultaneously tied to the geographical region from which the poet originates. The purpose of this thesis is to review the poetry produced within the last fifty years, with a particular focus on the works of three contemporary poets from the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, Cristina Rivera Garza, Gloria Gómez Guzman and Gaston Alejandro Martinez. This project explores how poetry from Tamaulipas evolved throughout literary movements such as Neoclassicism, Modernism and, more recently, Post-modernism, influenced socially by the ideological revolution of the sixties, the fall of communism in 1990, the Free Trade Treaty between Mexico and USA, as well as other historic events. The majority of the research within this thesis is based on primary sources compiled through live interviews, with some additional focus on secondary sources. The purpose of this study is to explore how and to what extent poetry from Tamaulipas is influenced by Post-modernism.


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Modernidad, Norte de México, Poesia, Posmodernidad, Poética, Tamaulipas



Modern Languages and Literatures