The McAllister Park roadway system extension project, San Antonio, Texas




Tomka, Steve A.
Robinson, Rick C.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


The Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) conducted an intensive pedestrian survey and subsurface testing for cultural resources along the proposed extensions to the McAllister Park road system, in McAllister Park, located in northeast San Antonio, Bexar County. The proposed extension impacts two sections of McAllister Road: the extreme western portion adjacent the park entrance at Jones Maltsberger, and its southern section exiting at Starcrest Drive. The project was carried out between September 16 and October 21,1999, under contract with the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department and under Texas Antiquities Permit Number 2247. The original project consisted of two tasks: 1) pedestrian survey of the proposed right-of-way, and 2) the documentation and recording of newly discovered archaeological sites. Following the identification of 4IBX1412, in consultation with members of the Texas Historical Commission (THC) and Steve Uncapher from the Parks and Recreation Department of the city of San Antonio, the original project scope was extended to also include the testing of the site to more accurately determine the nature of the archaeological components identified during initial site recording. Sites 41BX1410 and 41 BX1411 represent small ephemeral sites with low artifact yields and very shallow deposits. Site 41 BX 1412 is a stratified multi-component campsite with a thin veneer of early twentieth century historic materials, a partially buried Early Archaic component, and a deeper, probably Paleoindian, component buried 50-60 cm below the surface. No in situ features have been identified during the initial testing ofthe site. Sites 41BX141O and 4IBX1411 are not recommended for either State Archeological Landmark designation or eligibility for listing to the National Register of Historic Places, and no additional archaeological work is recommended at these properties. 41BX1412 is recommended for designation as a State Historic Landmark and as eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, excavations, Indians of North America, San Antonio, Bexar County, McAllister Park, archaeological surveying