Temperature independent Faraday effect current sensor for implementation in high voltage power transmission system




Barnes, Ronald

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Fiber Bragg gratings have been implemented in a multitude of strain sensing applications, within various industries. Using the strain response of a fiber Bragg grating, bonded to a magnetostrictive metal, a clear relationship between applied current and Bragg reflection has been established. This relationship is used as the principle for an innovative Bragg current sensor system capable of temperature independent, accurate current measurement from magnetic field strength magnitudes up to 85 (kA/m). To model the magnetic field strength magnitude present in high voltage transmission lines, a solenoid was implemented. The results of simulation and experiment, establish that a Fiber Bragg current sensor can be implemented to operate efficiently and accurately in dynamic temperature environments.


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Bragg, Fiber, Grating, Sensor, Temperature, Terfenol-D



Electrical and Computer Engineering