A comparative analysis of intimate partner violence using an ecological framework




Valencia, Alelhie

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Intimate partner violence (IPV) is one of the most common forms of violence against women worldwide. Between 10% and 71% of women report experiencing some form of IPV throughout their lifetime. IPV has been linked to many adverse physical, reproductive, and mental health outcomes. IPV has also been linked to a number of sociodemographic, social institutional and societal factors. Recently, researchers have begun to use an ecological framework that focuses on the interplay of factors at multiple levels of analysis to organize the many correlates of IPV. The relationship between IPV and fertility control has received little attention. Additionally, research on IPV in developing countries is still limited. The present study employs the ecological framework to evaluate the associations between IPV and factors included in the individual, couple, and social institutional and societal levels of the ecological framework. Proximate level associations with IPV are evaluated using multivariable logistic regression analysis; associations between IPV and structural level factors are evaluated using multilevel analysis. Variations in these associations are explored in three developing countries. Lastly, multivariable logistic regression is used to explore the effect of IPV on contraceptive use. Findings suggest a woman's age, education, especially relative to her partner, and a partner's alcohol consumption are highly associated with the experience of IPV. Findings also provide empirical support for the use of the ecological framework to study IPV, although the effectiveness of the model varies by country setting. Additionally, findings suggest IPV can influence a woman's use of contraceptives and type of contraceptives used; however, these relationships vary by country. Implications for future research and intervention and treatment programs are discussed.


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ecological, fertility, intimate partner violence, multilevel