Dare to Dance: Exploring Dance, Vulnerability, Anxiety and Communication




Rodriguez, Gabriela E.

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This qualitative study explores how communication, dance, vulnerability, and anxiety intertwine. I observed, interacted with, and interviewed different dancers from the UTSA Dance Department to learn about their experiences performing on stage, particularly as they pertain to managing their vulnerability, anxiety, and communication. Three themes emerged from the data: occupying the mind, dealing with emotions, and showing emotion through dance. The findings provide a clearer understanding of how dancers communicate and manage their emotions to the audience. Each dancer takes a different approach on how they manage their feelings. The participants know what works for them and what doesn't due to their performing experience which allows them to know what they want to communicate to the audience. In sum, this research helps give an understanding of communication, dance, vulnerability, and anxiety through a performer's perspective.


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Anxiety, Communication, Dance, Vulnerability