Natural Product Co-Metabolism and the Microbiota–Gut–Brain Axis in Age-Related Diseases




Obrenovich, Mark
Singh, Sandeep Kumar
Li, Yi
Perry, George
Siddiqui, Bushra
Haq, Waqas
Reddy, V. Prakash

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Complementary alternative medicine approaches are growing treatments of diseases to standard medicine practice. Many of these concepts are being adopted into standard practice and orthomolecular medicine. Age-related diseases, in particular neurodegenerative disorders, are particularly difficult to treat and a cure is likely a distant expectation for many of them. Shifting attention from pharmaceuticals to phytoceuticals and "bugs as drugs" represents a paradigm shift and novel approaches to intervention and management of age-related diseases and downstream effects of aging. Although they have their own unique pathologies, a growing body of evidence suggests Alzheimer's disease (AD) and vascular dementia (VaD) share common pathology and features. Moreover, normal metabolic processes contribute to detrimental aging and age-related diseases such as AD. Recognizing the role that the cerebral and cardiovascular pathways play in AD and age-related diseases represents a common denominator in their pathobiology. Understanding how prosaic foods and medications are co-metabolized with the gut microbiota (GMB) would advance personalized medicine and represents a paradigm shift in our view of human physiology and biochemistry. Extending that advance to include a new physiology for the advanced age-related diseases would provide new treatment targets for mild cognitive impairment, dementia, and neurodegeneration and may speed up medical advancements for these particularly devastating and debilitating diseases. Here, we explore selected foods and their derivatives and suggest new dementia treatment approaches for age-related diseases that focus on reexamining the role of the GMB.



natural products, Ginkgo biloba, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, microbiota, microbiome, microbiota-gut-brain axis, metabolic interactome, blood-brain barrier, aging


Life 13 (1): 41 (2023)


Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology