Analysis of multilayer structure of piezoelectric thin film by X-ray diffraction




Chowdhury, Fahad Abdullah

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Usage of Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) had been in headline due to its extensive application in developing sensor, actuator and Micro-Electro-Mechanical system (MEMS) devices. In this thesis work a multilayer PbZr0.52Ti 0.48O3 thin film grown by sol-gel deposition technique is used. Non-destructive X-ray diffraction analysis is used to characterize the structural properties of the PbZr0.52Ti0.48O3 multilayer thin film. The peak indexing of the & thgr;-2 & thgr; scan shows that the PZT film has (002) orientation. A sharp peak of Pt (111) is also found from the scan. The FWHM of PZT {200} and Pt {111} peak measured by rocking curve are 3.25° and 3.66° respectively. The peak splitting of PZT {200} in to (002) and (200/020) shows the tetragonal phase of PZT thin film which is congruent with the lattice parameter of PZT found by Le-Bail refinement. The Le-Bail refinement also shows good match between observed diffraction intensities and calculated intensities. X-ray Reflectivity measurement showed the sequence of Pt/STO/PZT on silicon substrate. The density of the PZT and the surface roughness of the PZT are found to be 6.08g/cm3 and 7Å derived from the best fitting of multilayer model based on XRR measurement.


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Piezoelectric Material, Thin Film, X-ray Diffraction



Electrical and Computer Engineering