Archaeological survey and testing of pipelines and confluence site: San Antonio 201 Wastewater Treatment Project




Fox, Anne A.
McGraw, A. Joachim
Valdez, Fred

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


In March 1978 the Center for Archaeological Research was requested by Mr. Melvin Sueltenfuss, Director of Public Works for the City of San Antonio, to conduct an archaeological survey of sewer line routes linking the Leon Creek, Salado Creek and Rilling Road Sewer Treatment Plants with the proposed new Confluence Sewer Treatment Plant in south San Antonio. An area of approximately 360 acres in the vicinity of the Confluence site, at the junction of the San Antonio and Medina Rivers, was also to be intensively surveyed, and the extent and depth of the prehistoric archaeological site 41 BX 124 were to be assessed. This work is an additional part of the survey and assessment of archaeological resources in drainages and treatment plant areas currently being carried out by the Center for the City (Fox 1977). Field survey and testing were carried out by A. J. McGraw and Fred Valdez in April and May 1978, while historical research and survey were conducted by Anne Fox, the project being under Fox's direction. Center Director, Dr. Thomas R. Hester, was Principal Investigator.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, San Antonio, historic sites