Historical and archaeological investigations at the site of Rivercenter Mall (Las Tiendas), San Antonio, Texas

dc.contributorCox, I. Waynne
dc.contributorGross, Kevin J.
dc.contributorMcClure, William L.
dc.contributorTennis, Cynthia L.
dc.contributor.authorFox, Anne A.
dc.contributor.authorRenner, Marcie
dc.description.abstractFrom October 1984 to July 1985, the Center for Archaeological Research of The University of Texas at San Antonio conducted testing and mitigation on a three-block area intended to become a shopping center in down-town San Antonio. The project was bounded on the north by Crockett Street, on the east by Bowie Street, on the south by Commerce Street, and on the west by Bonham Street. Information on the mapping and test excavations at 12 historic sites and total excavation of a well and a number of privies is reported in this publication. Analysis and description of the artifacts recovered and discussion of the architecture of the project area are also included. This was the first large-scale archaeological project conducted in the downtown area, involving excavation of deep deposits of artifacts related to the late nineteenth century. Techniques evolved during this project for historical research, oral history interviews, and excavation of wells and privies would prove essential to the planning of similar projects elsewhere.
dc.description.sponsorshipCity of San Antonio
dc.publisherCenter for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio
dc.relation.ispartofseriesArchaeological Report No. 270
dc.subjectarchaeological investigation
dc.subjectTexas archaeology
dc.subjecturban archaeology
dc.subjectSan Antonio
dc.subjectBexar County
dc.subjectRivercenter Mall
dc.subjecthistorical research
dc.titleHistorical and archaeological investigations at the site of Rivercenter Mall (Las Tiendas), San Antonio, Texas
dc.typeTechnical Report


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