A Reevaluation of Seven Sites at Camp Bowie, Brown County, Texas




Kemp, Leonard

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


In November 2018, The University of Texas at San Antonio Center for Archaeological Research (CAR), in consultation with the Texas Military Department (TMD), relocated and collected site assemblage data on seven previously recorded archaeological sites located on Camp Bowie, Brown County, Texas. These sites are 41BR269, 41BR301, 41BR394, 41BR400, 41BR410, 41BR431, and 41BR466. Camp Bowie contains both federal and state-owned lands. Four of the sites investigated are on state property, and the remaining three are on federally owned land. Consequently, this work is conducted under two separate permits. The contract between TMD and CAR constitutes the Archaeological Resources Protection Act permit required for work on the federal portion of the property. The work on sites located on state-owned land was conducted under Texas Antiquities Permit No. 8620. Dr. Paul Shawn Marceaux served as the Principal Investigator for the project, and Leonard Kemp was the Project Archaeologist. The primary goal of the current project was to relocate the seven sites, assess their location using GPS, and update site documentation, including assemblage level data. The CAR subsequently used this updated information to reconsider National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) and State Archeological Landmark (SAL) recommendations. This was done to assist the TMD in future Traditional Cultural Properties investigations. In all, CAR surveyed approximately 50,680 m2 or 12.5 acres. The CAR proposes that the boundaries of five sites should be changed to reflect the updated information generated by this project. These sites are 41BR269, 41BR301, 41BR400, 41BR410, and 41BR466. The site boundaries for 41BR394 and 41BR431 remain unchanged. The CAR recommends two sites, 41BR410 and 41BR466, for further investigation to determine if they are eligible for inclusion to the NRHP. For the remaining five sites, 41BR269, 41BR301, 41BR394, 41BR400, and 41BR431, there is no recommended change in their eligibility status. They are not recommended for inclusion to the NRHP or as nomination as SAL. The THC concerned with these recommendations. In addition to these seven sites, an area was discovered east of 41BR410 that contained two features and a projectile point. The CAR did not systematically survey the area. It was not the focus of this project. CAR recommends a resurvey of this area in the future. In January of 2021, the THC concurred with these recommendations. All artifacts collected, project related records and a copy of the report are curated at the CAR facility. The facility is state certified repository on the UTSA campus. The project accession number is 2194.



Texas archaeology, prehistoric archaeology


Kemp, L. (2021). A Reevaluation of Seven Sites at Camp Bowie, Brown County, Texas. Archaeological Report No. 482