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Merritt, Mark Daniel

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This research project explores four genres of choral music performed in recital. It first documents the background and significance of Randall Thompson's choral music through research and analysis of Thompson's choral masterpiece, Frostiana . Secondly, the music of Hans Leo Hassler is examined and analyzed. Particular attention is given to the importance of Hassler's study in Venice and his role in bringing the Venetian style of choral music back to Germany. Attention is given to the performance of Hassler's, Missa Secunda . The third work discussed is, Four Songs for Women's Chorus, Two Horns, and Harp, Opus 17, by Johannes Brahms. Particular attention is given to the history of Brahms's work with women's choruses. A narrative and graphic analysis is included. Fourthly, the historical context of the African-American Spiritual as concert repertoire is examined. The journey of the genre from plantation work song to the world concert stage is traced through the performances of the Fisk Jubilee Singers, The Tuskegee Institute Chorus, and The Hampton Institute Chorale.


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Brahms, Frostiana, Harp, Hassler, Spirituals, Thompson