Reggeaton: Manifestacion artistica de los marginados




Perez, Luz Adriana

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Reggaeton is the latest youth's manifestation in Caribbean music. Nearly two decades have passed since its conception and yet there are no conscientious studies about its origin and development. This dissertation has two objectives. The first one consists in building theoretical basis to help fill the gaps of disinformation that exist about reggaeton. The knowledge derived from the study will help to demonstrate that reggaeton is a genre and not a transient phenomenon. In order to support this argument, the investigation covered a meticulous examination of magazines, newspapers, television programs, music, assorted books and critical essays about Caribbean identity and culture. This research had facilitated the evaluation of the fertilization process, development, history, context, elements of style and character of reggaeton. The results confirmed that although reggaeton seems like a chaotic subcultural manifestation without order or foundation, it has a strong cultural, historical and ideological background. The lifestyle of the reggaetoneros is characterized by a strict organization, full of values, and orderly aesthetic codes. These criteria make the reggaeton a gender of Caribbean popular music and not an ephemeral occurrence.


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Modern Languages and Literatures