Excavations at the Alamo Shrine (Mission San Antonio de Valero)




Eaton, Jack D.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


In March 1977, excavations were conducted in front of Alamo Shrine where flagstone paving was being replaced by the City of San Antonio. The subsurface investigations sampled and described the soil stratigraphy which has accumulated through 2.5 centuries of occupation. The distinctive soil levels contained datable cultural materials which relate to some of the major events which took place from the earliest settlement of Mission San Antonio de Valero through subsequent periods of Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo-Texan occupations. The artifact collections have provided additional information on the material culture of the different ethnic and cultural groups to occupy the Alamo. During the excavations, a section of a trench was found in which a palisade had been set prior to the battle of 1836. The trench backfill contained numerous battle artifacts. Also a section of the old street curb which once extended along the front of the Alamo was uncovered. In addition, excavations in front of Alamo Shrine have provided an examination of the old church foundation and footing. This was found to be in good condition.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, San Antonio History, Texas History, Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.)--Antiquities