Working beyond borders to cultivate knowledge and support for Puerto Rican colleges and universities: Post-traditional student characteristics, STEM outcomes, and financial context in Puerto Rico




Abeyta, Melissa E.
Acevedo, Nancy
Burgos-López, Luz N.
Cammarota, Julio
Labandera, Emily
McNamee, Ty C.
Doran, Erin
Davis, Raeshan D.
Rodriguez Vargas, Lorainne
Perez-Felkner, Lara

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Association for the Study of Higher Education


To span our knowledge about Puerto Rican higher education, the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) invited college and university leaders across the Puerto Rican higher education landscape to a day-long program. Taking place ahead of the 46th Annual Conference, the Institute engaged three teams of Ascendium Fellows and Puerto Rican higher education leaders to address various streams of student success and its intersections with institutional, commonwealth, and federal policy. Resulting from the Institute is this report that considers the context of Puerto Rico in relation to educational pathways for students and its significance to advancing postsecondary education in the United States. [...]


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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies