The Elephant in the Room: Pornography Addiction and the American Muslim Community




Husain, Omar

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The internet provides easy access to pornographic material for people worldwide. This ease of access has caused psychological distress for many people, particularly those of faith, due to this material conflicting with their values. Mental health professionals have and continue to conduct research regarding pornography use in religious groups, particularly the Abrahamic faiths. Much of the research on religiosity and pornography uses Christian and Jewish participants, with Muslims lacking adequate representation. The present study focused on the relationship between religious commitment, anxiety, depression, and problematic pornography use in American Muslims. With a sample size of 68 participants, hierarchical linear regression determined moderating effects of religious commitment on problematic pornography use and anxiety and depression in American Muslims. A t test determined differences between men and women regarding symptoms of depression, anxiety, and problematic pornography use. Findings from this study may help counselors when Muslim clients present for possible addiction to pornography.


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Addiction, Muslims, Pornography