The Impact of Extensions in XBRL Disclosure on Financial Information Environment and Responses of Small and Large Investors to XBRL Disclosure




Li, Shiyou

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The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated in 2008 that financial reports of public companies be prepared in interactive format using the eXtensible Business Reporting Language.

Essay 1 investigates the impact of extensions in XBRL disclosure on financial information environment. Empirical results suggest that extensions in the XBRL disclosure have a negative impact on the financial information environment at early stage of XBRL adoption, and have a positive impact on financial information environment at late stage of XBRL adoption, suggesting a significant learning curve.

Essay 2 examines the responses of small and large investors to XBRL disclosure. Empirical results suggest that large investors respond less negatively to XBRL disclosure than small investors do. In addition, large investors respond less negatively to extensions in XBRL disclosure than small investors do.


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Extension, financial information environment, XBRL