Body Image Behaviors, Media Ideals, Body Evaluation, and Perceptions of Attractiveness among College-Aged Women and Men




Pena, Jorge

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The media constantly portrays ideal images of the female and male body. These images can be problematic if individuals internalize these messages and as a result, engage in unhealthy habits to try to fit the media norms. Unhealthy patterns of behavior include body checking, appearance fixing and body image avoidance. Although, the existing literature has primarily focused on these body image behaviors in women, interest has recently focused on these variables among men as well. The current study explored individuals' media internalization, ideal body internalization, body evaluations, perceptions of attractiveness, body image acceptance, body dissatisfaction, and body image behaviors. A sample of college students (N=245) were asked to fill out questionnaires. Differences in body satisfaction and body image behaviors were found among both males and females. The possibility that such body image behaviors can lead to psychopathologies is discussed.


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body dissatisfaction, body ideal, Body image, Body image behaviors, disordered eating, media internalization