A preliminary archaeological and historical assessment of the proposed Tenneco pipeline, Hidalgo to Victoria Counties, Texas




Hester, Thomas R.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


This report constitutes a preliminary assessment of the archaeological and historical resources along the proposed route of the natural gas pipeline being planned by Tenneco, Inc. The report is submitted in partial fulfillment of a contract between Tennessee Gas Pipeline (Division of Tenneco, Inc., Houston) and The University of Texas at San Antonio, Center for Archaeological Research. Submitted separately to Tennessee Gas Pipeline is a large strip map showing the location of the proposed pipeline; on this map are plotted all historic and prehistoric sites known to exist at the time of the completion of this preliminary assessment. As the text of this report indicates, a number of areas remain to be intensively surveyed and investigated. The research reported here followed guidelines set forth in a letter from Mr. William Such (Tennessee Gas Pipeline) of August 1, 1977. The scope of work outlined in his letter has been fulfilled. Known archaeological and historical resources have been assembled, limited field inspections have been made, and recommendations are contained herein for future archaeological and historical work. It is our present belief that the problem areas identified in this report will not necessitate the development of plans for any alternate pipeline routes. I served as Project Director during this assessment. Thomas C. Kelly conducted the field inspections and collaborated on the general archaeological assessment. Studies of known archaeological resources were done by A. Joachim McGraw and Fred Valdez, Jr. Elizabeth Cantu Frkuska prepared the historical sections. Research bibliographies also accompany this report, prepared by Valdez (pre-history) and Frkuska (history). Thomas R. Hester



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, Victoria County, Hidalgo County, pipeline