Project-method Fit: Exploring Factors that Influence Agile Method Use




Young, Diana Kay

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While the productivity and quality implications of agile software development methods (SDMs) have been demonstrated, research concerning the project contexts where their use is most appropriate has yielded less definitive results. Most experts agree that agile SDMs are not suited for all project contexts. Several project and team factors have been suggested to affect their usefulness; however, empirical evidence supporting those suppositions is weak and/or lacking. Using the Theory of Contingent Method Choice and the Task Technology Fit Model as foundational guides, the Project/Agile Method Fit model was developed and tested using an electronic survey instrument. The survey was administered to a heterogeneous sample of software development professionals with results revealing that team development expertise, requirements uncertainty, user involvement, compliance requirements, and the interactive effect of requirements uncertainty combined with user involvement all significantly influence software development professionals' perceptions regarding the contexts where use of agile methods is most appropriate.


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agile methods, software development, systems development methods



Information Systems and Cyber Security