Chingonas y Chingones: Testimonios of Latinx First Generation College Students




Contreras, Jacqueline

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Few studies investigate Latinx first-generation college student (FGCS) success. The bulk of existing literature focuses on obstacles this population encounters. It is vital to produce studies that focus on both challenges and strengths in order to support this population's success. College counselors may help students navigate obstacles and increase graduation rates by addressing Latinx FGCS' mental health concerns. The purpose of the current study was to understand the testimonios of Latinx FGCS relative to academic success. This study utilized a narrative approach to explore seven Latinx FGCS resiliency attributes and understand their stories as they relate to academic resilience. Furthermore, the study explored factors contributing to Latinx FGCS' decisions related to college counseling in an effort to shed light on potential avenues for increasing utilization rates. The findings provided the following themes: (a) lack of utilizing college counseling, (b) distinction between academic advising and college counseling, and (c) perseverance. A sub theme related to utilizing college counseling, one counseling session, also emerged. Implications for college counselors working with Latinx FGCS are provided.


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College counselors, First-generation college student, Latinx, Testimonios