Multi-view 3-D hybrid scanner, fingerprint modeling, and processing




Rajeev, Srijith

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Forensic criminal casework and human identification in mass disasters, accidents, and murders usually involve post-mortem fingerprint examination. Despite the progressions in fingerprint recognition, authenticating normal or post-mortem fingerprints continue to be a challenging problem. This is because a) fingerprint decomposition occurs immediately upon death, b) existing fingerprint databases are a collection of normal fingerprints, and c) limited information in post-mortem fingerprints imaging. Furthermore, prior cleansing and reconditioning of the deceased finger is required before acquisition of the fingerprint. This process may damage the structure of the finger, which increases false rejection rates. Recent years have witnessed the increasing popularity of 3-dimensional sensing systems such as structured light, and stereo system, to perform biometric verification/identification. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages.

In this thesis, a framework for multi-view 3-dimensional acquisition based on the principle of structured light using the concepts of gray code, and sinusoidal three-phase systems is proposed. The developed system produces a) a dense reconstruction of an object without moving either the object or the acquisition setup, and b) 3-dimensional images with good texture. This study investigated the potential for developing a non-invasive method to perform 3-dimensional post-mortem finger modeling, which produces a 2-dimensional rolled equivalent fingerprint for automated verification. In conclusion, the post-mortem fingerprint processing system is an appropriate tool for biometric verification/identification and forensic investigation.


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3-D, Fingerprint, Non-parametric, post-mortem, Structured-light, Unrolling



Electrical and Computer Engineering