Processor-level integration of the architectural support for monitoring and securing the operating system kernel




Kathapurkar, Ameya Hemant

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As cyber-attacks become increasingly more intelligent and threatening, there have been many solutions proposed to prevent and detect them. Since the primary goal of the current internal digital infrastructure (e.g. processor, programming language, compiler, and operating system) has not been security, eliminating vulnerabilities require a major paradigm shift. This research employs security by protection i.e. surveillance. A separate security solution protects software by monitoring the architecture. This security solution is hidden from a system under surveillance, hence it is safe from attackers. The thesis explains the software based monitoring modules which are developed and integrated to a processor loaded with an operating system. The modules are designed in an order that nullifies the overhead caused by modification of the processor architecture and finally this security solution makes an unbreakable barrier against cyber-attacks. Eventually this research can be applied to modern x86 architecture and modern server systems to ensure smart and unbreachable security of Information Systems.


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Benchmarks, Kernel Modification, Memory Read/Write Security, Security by Surviellance, Simulator, System Calls



Electrical and Computer Engineering