Partners for the Plate: An Evaluation of Partnerships between Institutions and Nonprofits to Address Food Insecurity




Harmon, Jasmine R.

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My academic project examined the ways that a nonprofit organization and a local institution can partner to serve as an intervention for food insecurity. Using SA Youth and The University of Texas-San Antonio Honors College Guided Experience program as an example, this project analyzed the partnership to determine what value projects like these could hold as an intervention for food insecurity. I evaluated the project's ability to meet the stated need of the local nonprofit organization, but I also evaluated the university's ability to support the nonprofit organization. In addition, I also examined the potential for projects like these to address social issues. The evaluation concluded that the project was successful from the perspective of the nonprofit organization as well as from the university's multiple perspectives. There was less success in addressing food insecurity, as the projects limited scope and inability to collect more robust community data.


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Nonprofits, Food insecurity, Intervention