Excavation in a historic cemetery: Milam Park renovation, Phase II




Tennis, Cynthia L.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


Phase II of archaeological investigations at Milam Park in downtown San Antonio, Texas, were conducted by staff members from the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) of The University of Texas at San Antonio. This project consisted of shovel tests and monitoring of all excavations connected with construction and renovation activities at the park. Shovel tests were dug prior to ground alterations to assess the amount of recent fill dirt covering the historic surface of the park. The assessment allowed identification ofareas of the park that might be sensitive to construction impact. This information was used by the San Antonio Department of Parks and Recreatiom in planning new landscape features. Additionally, because Milam Park had once been a city cemetery, all ground leveling and grading operations, all new sewer and electric line trenching activities, and all new light standard and tree planting excavations were monitored by CAR staff. One historic burial was encountered, exhumed, and analyzed.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, excavations, human remains, Milam Park, Milam, Benjamin Rush 1788-1835, San Antonio, Bexar County