An archaeological investigation of Comanche Lookout Park, Northeast Bexar County, Texas




Nickels, David L.

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Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio


During the week of September 22 through 26, 1997, staff archaeologists from the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) of The Unviersity of Texas at San Antonio conducted a 100-percent-pedestrian survey and limited shovel testing at Comanche Lookout Park in northeastern Bexar County, Texas (Figure 1). The archaeological investigation was conducted at the request of the city of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department as part of an overall development plan for the 96-acre parcel (Figure 2). The purpose of the survey was to identify archaeological sites visible on the surface as well as areas where sites are potentially buried. CAR archaeologists revisited and recorded three artifact scatters initially documented in 1992 by members of the Southern Texas Archaeological Association and other volunteers led by H. Ray Smith, an Archaeological Steward with the Office of the State Archaeologist. As a result of CAR's survey, the three scatters were included within the boundaries of what was determined to be a large quarry and lithic reduction site surrounding the hill, with an open campsite area on top. In addition, CAR archaeologists discovered and recorded two smaller sites near the base of the hill (Figure 2). A plan of avoidance is recommended for two of the three archaeological sites; however, if the proposed construction plan can not be altered to accommodate both the needs of the city and the recommendation of avoidance, then further testing is recommended.



archaeological investigation, archaeology, Texas archaeology, excavations, Retama/Selma Monopole Project site, Guadalupe County